About Cumberland Valley Rising

    Cumberland Valley Rising was organized to participate in the process of progressive social change.  CVR provides educational material and events aimed at fostering members’ informed participation in local, state and national politics and encourages active participation in its own programs as well as those of other like-minded civic organizations.  Through survey responses and informal discussion the membership has affirmed its continued interest in the following:

  • Voter & Elections: including fair districting, increasing voter participation and reforming campaign financing;
  • Public Education: addressing resource difficulties (taxation and distribution) and quality standards at all levels: preschool, primary, secondary and college;
  • Healthcare: advocating for accessible and affordable healthcare that addresses womens’ right to choose, as well as treatment of mental illness and the drug dependency;
  • Economic Justice: providing good jobs with a fair, living wage and affordable housing;
  • Environmental Justice: urgent attention focusing on climate change and restoration of programs and standards for clean air and water, especially in the Chesapeake Watershed;
  • Social justice: alleviating long-standing racial, ethnic, and gender-based prejudice, bigotry and intolerance both individual and institutional;
  • Immigration: supporting realistic immigration policies that recognize immigration’s value to the United States as well as the plight of those who seek a path to citizenship and/or asylum.

To get involved, send us an email or attend a meeting or event!

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